Getting AS9100-ISO Cincinnati-ISO PROS #2

Getting AS9100 Certified in Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)

AS9100 is an international standard specifically for the aerospace industry. This is an industry that is characterized by unique requirements, hence, then need for this particular standard. If you are an operator in this industry, then you need to know what AS9100 is all about and get certified if possible.

Certification for AS9100 applies to every stage in the supply chain. This includes both safety and quality standards that make aviation and general aerospace industry a better place for everyone.

Why do you need certification?

You are a player in this industry and you are not certified yet or you need recertification after the expiry of the existing certificate, then you need to do it sooner rather than later. Those who are looking for recertification are already aware of the benefits of complying with the AS9100 standards and holding the certification. To the newcomers to this industry or those who are seeking certification for the first time, the following are the benefits that you are just about to enjoy:

  • Continuous safety and improvement of product quality.
  • Meeting the compomers’ expectations and regulations set by the government and local companies.
  • Enhances proper documentation for every project or process that is undertaken within the industry.
  • Recognition by global bodies
  • Greater business opportunities as you are open to competing in the global market.

We have just started a few of the benefits that come with the certification. You can find out more through exploration as we are just providing highlights here.


The Actual Certification

The very first thing to do even before you think about the certification is the implementation of these standards within your organization. If you have not done that, then you can contact our professionals for a piece of advice on what you should do next. Implementation is the bulk of certification and you need to do it right.

For you to successfully implement the quality management system as per the AS9100 requirements, you need to first understand it. You can do this through training or consultation from an expert. You then need to set the policies and procedures and document everything about your quality management system. You also need to be able to improve your QMS that has been running for at least 3 months before applying for certification.

After a successful application for AS9100 certification, the chosen organization will conduct auditing and consequently award a certificate for a successful implementation of this standard.

Why choose ISO Pros

For the implementation and certification for AS9100 compliance, you have many options. ISO Pros is certified and has a qualified and experienced staff that has been auditing for many years. You have all the reasons to let us help you in the permeation of the AS9100 quality management system.

By choosing us out of the very many possibilities that you have, you stand to gain the best services at the most affordable prices. Contact us to place your order or inquire more about our services.